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Case Study - Polytech


PolyTech is the pioneer in the digital textile printing industry. In 2020, Polytech invented the fully automatic DTF mode and believes that there is a market in the United States for their new patented digital transfer film product.

Website Update

Unsatisfied with their Website

PolyTech was not satisfed with their website. Updating it demanded time and personnel that they could not afford. They wanted a solution so they could introduce products without fearing that the new market will judge them by their poor website.

bad website design screenshot of Polytech


  • Patented products
  • Weaknesses
    1. Language barrier
    2. New company, zero brand awareness
    3. Shortage of manpower

Recent Goals

My Solutions

Landing Page for introducing new products

I understood that they wanted to promote one machine in the US market. So, I proposed a Landing Page to introduce the new machine. By doing so, they could introduce the product without waiting for the redesign of the whole website.

landing page proposal made by Benjamin Zou, a web designer in Pittsburgh

Email Marketing

To help the sales department to promote the product, I devised an email for PolyTech sales people.

email marketing proposal by Benjamin Zou, a web designer in Pittsburgh

WordPress Website

Re-designing the whole website did not go as smoothly as PolyTech expected. And the developers they hired charged them a lot. I recommended they use WordPress to build a new site for the U.S. market. They accepted my suggestion when I showed them the sample I did for them. Poly-mt.us

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