The Fully Automatic
Digital Transfer Film Printing Solution

PolyTech DTF Printer II, the fully automatic digital transfer film (DTF) system, that integrates printing, powder coating, and drying into one machine. Combine PolyInk and powder coating system, the Fully Automatic System greatly improves production efficiency, reduce the labor cost.

One Step Digital Transfer Printing

Polytech DTF II


PolyDTF II Specification

Printheads2 * Epson I3200
InkPolyInk CMYK + White
Rip SoftwarePrint Manager/Maintop
Resolution720 x 1800
Printing Width22 inches
Printing Speed129 – 172 square foot per hour
PolyFilm Digital Solution DTF II

Excellent Performance & Low Cost

Wash fastness
The best results compare any other digital printing technology
Vivid color
Outstanding color yield and find pattern interpretation
Soft handle
No pretreatment and post treatment that fulfill natural fabric hand feel
Cost -effective
No cutting, wedding, fully automatic and maintenance free

Printing               Heat Press                 Peel

Highly Cost Effective

• No Weeding 
• No Pretreatmnent
• White Ink recycling 
• CMYK Plus White Ink
PolyFilm DTF is a patented product of Poly-Tech which owns the utility model patent and invention patent. The utility model patent no. is
The invention patent no. is

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DTF fully automatic machine

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