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Printing Solution

Print T-shirts at Home!

We Will Help You Print It Yourself

print t-shirt at home

Make T-shirts to express yourself, to give to your loved ones, or to make official family apparel. They're perfect for special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, and parties. You can make different T-shirts daily when you choose our T-go Solution. Start printing and wearing your unique messages today!



Step 1: Get the printer ready

The T-go T-shirt print solution requires an Epson printer. T-go inks are compatible with all Epson printers.

Step 2: Change to T-go ink

Change to the T-go ink as shown in the photo

change to T-go ink
Change the ink

Step 3: Printing on the T-go Film instead of on paper

Now you need the T-go PET Film

  • Choose the picture or pattern you want to print on the T-shirt
  • Change the paper to T-go film
  • Print as you would print on paper

Step 4: Apply T-go adhesive powder

Now you need the T-Powder Supersoft

  • Get the film out of the printer
  • Scatter T-go adhesive powder on the surface of the printed film before the film gets dry
  • Shake the film to get rid of the extra amount of powder
  • Let the film dry if you don't want to heat press immediately
use heat press to dry the T-shirt
Heat transfer

Step 5: Transfer the pattern from the printed film to a T-shirt

Now you need the Heat Press Machine or an iron

  • Place the T-shirt on the heat press machine, and set temperature of the heat press machine at 320 ,
  • Put the printed T-go film on the T-shirt, so that the pattern is in contact with the T-shirt
  • Press 15 seconds when the temperature reaches 320
  • If you don't have a heat press, you can using a hot iron instead.

Step 6: Peel the film from the T-shirt

  • T-go film can be peeled away when pressing is complete
  • Peel the film from the garment when it is not hot
use heat press to dry the T-shirt

Congratulations! You just printed your own T-shirt!