When designers think more, users think less


Focusing on user experience is the golden rule for all designs. Users should never have to think as they use a well-designed website.

Miles to Remember – Event Website

Responsive Event Website Demo presented by Benjamin Zou, a web designer in Pittsburgh
Event Site
Talent Showcased:Design, Front-End
Objective:Promote a charity walk
Target Audience:General audience


  • Green and yellow analogous colors are used to symbolize hope, sunshine, and joy.
  • Hover effects were added to images to increase the interactivity on the page while offering additional information.
  • A video was incorporated to communicate about the enjoyable, community building nature of the event.
  • This Banner Ad complete with CTA (Call-to-Action) was developed. It can be placed on other sites to lead users to the event site.
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T-go Print Solutions E-commerce Site

E-commerce Website Demo using PHP presented by Benjamin Zou, a web designer in Pittsburgh
Talent Showcased:Server-side Development
Objective:Sell textile printing solutions for DIY enthusiasts.
Target Audience:People who have printers at home


  • Product information is stored in a MySQL database and displayed on the website through PHP coding.
  • Product information was placed in a CSS Grid Layout in the "Product Catalog" page, and made to rearrange attractively to fit a variety of screen devices.
  • Visitors can click on each product to get further information and place an order.
  • Thanks to a hand-coded PHP shopping cart, customers can select and purchase products.
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Jack’s Story (Studying in the U.S.) – Blog Website

WordPress Development customized theme by Benjamin Zou, a web designer in Pittsburgh
Blog Website
Talent Showcased:Interactivity, WordPress Development
Objective:Allow the blog owner to share information with visitors and sell merchandise.
Target Audience:General audience


  • The site uses WordPress, and a custom theme was developed to allow full control over the style and page structure of the blog site.
  • The subtitle “Studying in the U.S.” in the masthead animates as the user loads the page, adding delight and emphasizing the topic of the site.
  • Video was incorporated to present the beauty of Pittsburgh, the blogger’s adopted home.
  • Plugins were added to meet client goals and enhance the user experience. WooCommerce was added allow Jack to sell merchandise online. MetaSlider was added to allow a slideshow sequence of landscapes showing what Jack loves about his city.
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Case Study
Polytech Website Update

PolyTech is the pioneer in the digital textile printing industry. In 2020, Polytech invented the fully automatic DTF mode and believes that there is a market in the United States for their new patented digital transfer film product. I recently had the opportunity to help the company in their endeavor. Read this case study about my problem-solving process on the Polytech website development.

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